Julie Doornbos

 Poppop and I, circa 1980 something

That’s me in that snapshot. I’m the little girl chillin’ with her Poppop. He passed away when I was 4.

Although I’m not too good at remembering my childhood, looking at this photo seems to trigger all kinds of memories of my grandfather. I remember that he used to lift me up to meet the little bird that lived in his cuckoo clock. I remember sliding down the stair banister and him catching me at the bottom. I also remember “making snow” with a bottle of talcum powder in his bedroom. I remember what his house smelled like, strangely enough. If I listen close, I can almost hear his voice.

Photos are time keepers. They capture one moment, and years later we can recall the most amazing details of our past just by looking at that photo. Memories that might otherwise have been forgotten if we didn’t have these images to trigger them.

I’ve been making photographic art for as long as I can remember. Now, with two children of my own, photographing kids has become my passion. You can see some of the images I’ve made here on this site.


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